Owning a health food store for 30 years gives you insight into all kinds of habits we humans struggle with.  Through the years I’ve had customers come in wanting help to stop bad habits such as the following:

  • quitting smoking
  • losing weight
  • reducing sugar intake
  • eating fewer refined or fast foods

On the other hand, I’ve had just as many people come in asking for help in establishing new habits.  Some of the habits people wish to develop are:

  • eating more vegetables
  • drinking more water
  • being more physically active
  • eating healthier foods

What I’ve discovered is, the more often I repeat my habit, the more difficult it is to get rid of it.  But that works the other way also, the more you practice the new habit, the easier it is to do it.  It’s easy to do it and it’s easy not to do it!

All habits, good or bad, require five basic steps to overcome or to become.

  1. Face the facts – Is this something I really want to do?
  2. Make the decision – Set your mind.  The brain controls all habits.
  3. Know your triggers – Don’t play around with your weaknesses.
  4. Quit worrying –  The more you talk about your bad habits, the more reinforced they become.
  5. Trust in God – He is strong and will give you His strength.

All five of the above take a commitment on your part and will not be accomplished without concerted effort.  I’m not saying it will be easy, but it will be worth it.  No one can do it for you.

As a nutritionist, I can offer suggestions that will help you on your path and I will gladly do that.  There are many foods and particular nutrients that will help you in your quest to quit smoking, lose weight, eat less sugar or eat less fast food .   It’s good for all of us to form habits of eating more veggies, drinking more water,  being more active and becoming healthier.

One nutrient example is: glutamine, an amino acid that fuels the brain; when lacking, can cause cravings. There are many nutrients that could help you in your decision to form new healthy habits.

Decide today, set your mind to it, learn your triggers,  start positive self talk and let God strengthen you. Remember, we are here to help you in your quest for good health.

Above all things I wish that you would prosper and be in good health!




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