We live in a fast paced society where many kids have grown up eating at fast food establishments.  It’s convenient and easily becomes a habit for many families.  We get so busy we don’t have time to cook.  There are many consequences with this lifestyle for us and for our children.

If we want our bodies to be healthy, we have to put nutritious food into them.  One old saying is; “garbage in, garbage out“.  Some of the garbage out might be: lack of energy, joint aches, brain fog, poor grades, mood swings or illness.

With health care unaffordable for many of us, we need to be proactive with our food choices in order to keep ourselves and our children healthy.  We need to create our own fast food at home. 

I personally choose one day, usually Sunday afternoon, to do some cooking ahead for the week.  By preparing a few foods in advance, it makes it quick and easy to prepare a meal at the end of a busy or stressful work day.

This past weekend I cooked a pot of quinoa and a pot of black beans. We had them with a salad for dinner.  I put the rest in the refrigerator and froze some.   They can be used as a complete protein at a meal or they can be used as a side dish with meat, fish or different vegetables.

This week I have used the quinoa in several different salads, in wraps and with stir fry.  The black beans were used in soup, mashed for refried beans in enchiladas, used in a Mexicali bowl with the quinoa and they all had different spices, seasonings, condiments, tastes and flavors.  Delicious!

Each time I used one of the fast foods I had pre-cooked, I used different vegetables and proteins with them so that it seemed new and exciting and not like left overs.  Tuesday night we made tacos with corn tortillas, the black beans,   lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, avocado and salsa.  They were quick to make and so yummy!

I’m not saying we eat those same foods every day, I just have them on hand for quick meals when needed.  It does take a little pre planning but it is so worth an hour or two of your time to plan a few days of good food that will help save time and prevent eating at fast food places during the week.

There are so many different combinations you can prepare ahead and have ready for a quick “fast food” meal. If you need suggestions just contact us,  we have lots of ideas for you.  This week I think I’ll cook brown rice and lentils to use in my fast foods.  Cook ahead to prevent cooking when you are stressed!

Above all things I wish that you would prosper and be in good health!


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